What Sorcery Is This pt. 1 – 360º

for real "what sorcery is this!?" is gonna be the first thing you're gonna spit out once you dive deep in this 360° world!

Hey mates! I hope you got lucky enough to find the 7 Majora's Masks hidden all around the last 360° Videos because, guess what? Damn right! you gotta find some hidden stuff as well this time, but hey, i wanted to make things... a little bit cheesy so keep your eyes open and let me know if you can find the 8 Hidden Pizza Slices!

This time i wanted to play around some dark vibes for my techno track and also add some Mortal Kombat Scorpion Sound Effects!

Since i'm still a baby in Techno Production and also i'm not really looking forward my tracks being played in clubs... i decided that i from nao on i will make only 2 minute length tracks, it's way easier for me and by not spending so much time in creating 4, 5 or 6 minutes of music, then i will be able to output more 360° Videos which is basically my main goal!

Track Mixed and Mastered by: Misha Bataloff https://www.instagram.com/nozzdormu/

Listen to my track here!