Terrible Fate VJ Pack

You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?
Rtificially flavoured VJ Loops that slap real hard!
  • Content
  • 69 VJ Loops, 10 seconds each
  • Size
  • 1080p FULL HD
  • Codec
  • .MOV
  • Beat Sync
  • 130 BPM
Click the image below to check out all the VJ Loops!
  • About this VJ Pack.
  • I crafted this VJ Pack with a few things on mind such as a nice distribution of dark and light-coloured areas since I intend you to use these visuals inside a club. Also the speed in which the camera flies by, you'll notice it goes slow at times and in other clips it goes hella fast, all these decisions were always in mind so you can have lots of options to play around when you're mixing clips alongside with this bad boi.
  • One more thing!
  • Another thing I kept in mind was the camera movement, you'll notice that it goes around a subject, and in other instances it follows a path forward or to the sides, up and down, as well as it also stays static, thus as to give variety for the whole experience, as well as it consists of 69 clips that I'm pretty sure you'll be able to slap a wicked visual experience during a whole DJ set.
For adult use only. Keep out the reach of children!
All my VJ Loops are guaranteed to last a lifetime!