Hello, I'm a Motion Designer from Monterrey, México.
  • Name:Armando Figueroa
  • Email:info@rtificial.com
I create VJ Loops
& Event Promos.

During my childhood, I was amazed by the broadcast design animations that were featured on various tv channels, but there’s one in particular that really got me, that channel was Locomotion, and I remember they featured all different kinds of animated content with trippy surreal Idents and Bumpers. I knew wanted to do that.

Later, I enrolled into Industrial Design since I always was drawing robots and sci-fi stuff, but just when I started to got into material physics and MATH I knew I didn’t wanted to design real stuff, but just concept art and keep on drawing sci-fi things.

Switching to Multimedia Arts was the best path to follow and started learning about the 3D production pipeline on my own. Since then I keep on learning new software and techniques, collecting sci-fi artwork books and working as a freelance artist.

It was around 2010 that I discovered the artwork of Beeple (Mike Winkelmann) and at that time he only had a few everydays as well as some vj loops, but I realized that I wanted to do crazy animations just like those.

There’s a lot of people that inspire me everyday, Beeple being a daily input ever since with his Everydays but also I enjoy studying the amazing work of artists such as Simon Stålenhag, Katsuhiro Otomo, Hideaki Anno, Syd Mead, Sparth Nicolas Bouvier, Jesse van Dijk, Doug Chiang and Daniel Hahn.

I kept digging into concert visuals and vj loops for a while, learning everything I could while still working on the studios I worked at back in the day. It was not until summer of 2018 that I finally got able to become a full-time freelance. I’ve been doing event promos and vj loops ever since.

I specialize in hard surface and two of my favourite parts of the process are the modeling and the texturing. Being a motion designer pretty much implies the whole animation part of the process gotta be my top favourite, which in no doubt it is, but the modeling and discovery of how a piece should be shaped as well as how the materials would look like is just something I enjoy very very much.



I’m currently available for work. If you have a project you’d like to discuss, then please email me via the form below.