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The german techno artist Jonas Weil began his musical journey at a young age. Equipped with a musical education in guitar, singing and a huge fascination for classical music, he initially focused on acoustic based genres. His first contact with electronic music took place in his early teens. This new world of sounds and atmospheres had a mesmerizing effect and should influence his work from this moment. With almost no background of electronic music or sound design at first but an advanced understanding of the physical processes of sound generation, he could spend hours in the studio just experimenting with different sounds, slowly building his own comprehension of electronic music. 
 Darkness and the different atmospheres it creates play a huge role in his work. It is his aspiration to capture the various dimensions of these vibes in his tracks, for which he also makes an effort to experience in his everyday life. Other forms of art also play a huge role in his inspirational process, especially visual art like photography, digital art and particularly cinematography, which is able to awake similar emotions to what he tries to express with his own work.

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