Hadone’s And Then You Were None, slaps a ton!

the full lp you never thought you'd want so bad!

Following his highly praised Defining Persuasion EP in 2019, rising French producer Hadone presents on Taapion his very first LP “And Then You Were None”.

Navigating effortlessly between hard floor techno, IDM, ambient & jungle, the album expresses Hadone’s sonic interpretation & perception of time, reflecting on how we use and consume it through our existence. Thanks to this long-playing format, the artist can finally unveil his full potential and delivers a wonderfully mature journey across 2 records. [info sheet from distr.]


● Follow Hadone: https://www.instagram.com/hadone_adwan

● Listen to his Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/hadonesector/sets/hadone-and-then-you-were-1

more about him

Hadone is one of the most interesting new artists in techno, making his way up in quick ascent. Recently he’s been added to the Possession family as a resident alongside heavy hitting releases on esteemed labels such as Monnom Black and KAOS.

He’s already set several clubs across the globe alight in the last few months not only as Hadone but also alongside Shlomo with their Vipa Diva project. 90s Techno remains his main influence, to which he adds his own touch that we all know.

This combination gives us a simple and melancholic result that defines his musical identity, creating his own unique style.

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