The Possession of Sylvie Maziarz.

damn the wicked!

You would be hard pressed to find another artist whose meteoric rise parallels that of Berlin’s most exciting techno-heads, Sylvie Maziarz.

Sylvie just smashed at the wicked Possession, and you can listen her set in full below.

● Follow Sylvie: https://www.instagram.com/sylvie.maziarz
● Listen full podcast: https://soundcloud.com/possessiontechno/possession-podcast-116-sylvie-maziarz-unitedravers

more about her

I am what I produce. Almost no sentence describes the young Berlin artist Sylvie Maziarz better. At a tender age of 14 she already displayed a great interest in recording and playing a variety of melodies and rhythms. Starting out was really tough for the young artist; it even felt helpless at times but she pushed through and accomplished what she set out for in as little as a year.

Her passion for techno transformed her into DJ and brought her public viewers, which ranged from the techno enthusiasts to astonished tourists, to the dance floor. She has been touring from club to club under the name Sylvie Maziarz.
Whether it is a tad playful, trippy or techno with a lot of power to keep the energy up, she set the mood and brought entrancement to her audience. This is something Sylvie Maziarz knows all too well.

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